Development proposal

Our proposal aims to create a small, well-designed development that considers the constraints and opportunities of the site. Whilst the Council’s assessment considers the site suitable for 120 dwellings, Reside has chosen a more low density approach and is working on a proposed layout for up to 86 new homes.  


Constraints and Opportunities

The site is largely flat and has existing boundary screening to the north, west and south, such as hedgerows, which will be improved and enhanced as part of the proposals. A safe highways and pedestrian access is proposed, in the vicinity of the existing residential dwelling, which will be replaced.

To the east of the site is the existing development of Hambrook Hill South, which has a number of residential streets coming from it. 

The sketch layout demonstrates the site can accommodate circa 86 dwellings, comprising a mixture of one, two, three and four bedroom properties to include a policy compliant level of affordable housing. The scheme has been designed for residential development with buffer landscaping to the north, west and south, and buffer and native planting to the Ham Brook.